Summer Sea Condominium Unit 208

Summer Sea Condominium unit 208 is a beautiful 2B, 1.5b apartment with a bay view from the bedrooms. Beautifully upgraded with granite countertops, hardwood cabinets and tile throughout. This apartment is unique as they have replaced the wall to one of the bedrooms with a sliding wall allowing for a much larger living room with a view when open. Master has a queen size bed with a large futon in the second. Rentals are limited to a minimum of 28 days*.

About Summer Seas Condominiums

Summer Sea is a multi-story condominium on the Bayside in Tavernier, Florida. The complex is located at mile marker 88.5 which is within The Village of Islamorada. With an abundance of community areas such as a large shared kitchen/entertaining area, shared dockage available to owners and long term renters on a first come/first served basis, a gym, boat ramp, beach, pool, etc..

This unit is available for rent. If you are looking to purchase in Summer Sea Condominiums please click here!

Jonelle Kop is an authority on the building and the units for sale, and she would love to help you with your sale, purchase, or rental.

*The Village of Islamorada does not allow us to rent for periods of under 28 days. We are not able to make an exception on the lease of the unit, however, you are most certainly allowed to come and go whenever you please. If you rent for a month, the unit will be yours to use for a month, if you only use a week or two, that is okay. However, we are not able to discount rentals based on stays under one month.

Tracy McCandless is another Blue 9 Realty Agent who can help you find the perfect home to purchase in Islamorada. If you are looking to purchase, and are looking for financing, you might want to reach out to Kali Evans of Newmeyer Mortgage.

Summer Sea Condominium Common Areas



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